Proiect finanţat cu sprijinul financiar al Programului RO10 - CORAI, program finanţat de Granturile SEE 2009-2014 şi administrat de Fondul Român de Dezvoltare Socială.

The Vrancea County Office for Resources and Educational Assistance, as project promoter, organized in 23.06.2016, in the meeting room in Vrancea County Council, the Closing Conference of the ASPIR project – Access to Public Services for Roma Integration in Vrancea County, financed through the SEE Grants 2009-2014 within the COHERENT Appeal within the Programme RO10 "Children and young persons in risk situations and Local and Regional initiatives for diminution of national inequalities and the promotion of social inclusion".

The financed amount for the project was 775.081 RON (658.818,85 RON from the SEE grant, 116.262,15 public co-financing) was implemented between May 2015 and June 2016 (January 2017 including the activities financed through the PLUS facility) by C.J.R.A.E. Vrancea in partnership with Vrancea County Council and InterCultural Iceland (partner from the donor states).

The participants in the Closing Conference were the representatives of the partner institutions, of Vrancea County School Inspectorate and schools in the county, public authorities at local level, NGO's and groups for local initiative for promoting social inclusion, members of professional associations interested in the social inclusion of Roma children and combating their discrimination, the representatives of the disadvantaged groups, teachers.

The presentations were focused on information regarding the project's implementation and the resources developed through the project: scientific analysis of the involvement of the public local authorities, educational institutions and minority population in activities dedicated to combating discrimination and promoting the social inclusion, specific tools (one strategy, one procedure, one methodology, one action plan and two evaluation tools) for combating the inequities, the discrimination and marginalization of Roma children, in order to facilitate the collaboration between the local authorities and civil society, and information about the specific ways to access those resources by any interested institution and / or person. Cherry Hopton, representing InterCultural Iceland, shared with the audience her conclusions after collaborating with institutions from Vrancea county during the implementation period of the project.

The conference ended by establishing the medium and long term objectives in order to continue the efforts from the ASPIR project to provide better access to public services for Roma population in our county, especially regarding the access to education and continuous training, and to improve the inclusion of the civil society in the decision making process to promote the educational, social and professional inclusion of the members of the disadvantaged groups.