Proiect finanţat cu sprijinul financiar al Programului RO10 - CORAI, program finanţat de Granturile SEE 2009-2014 şi administrat de Fondul Român de Dezvoltare Socială.

A) The elaboration and the testing of 6 specific instruments (a strategy, a procedure, a methodology, an action plan and two evaluation instruments) of fighting Gypsy population inequality, discrimination and marginalization, that should also facilitate the collaboration between local authorities and civil society.

B) The establishing and the optimal functioning for the period of implementation and sustainability of 3 networks of exchange and transfer of good practices among the representatives of local authorities, of school units, the representatives of public services and of Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) and those of Gypsy population.

C) the development of competences and expertise of 150 representatives of local authorities, of 300 specialists involved in the field of social inclusion, of 20 NGOs representatives and of 30 representatives of initiative groups, as well as the development of social integration abilities of 400 persons belonging to vulnerable groups.