Proiect finanţat cu sprijinul financiar al Programului RO10 - CORAI, program finanţat de Granturile SEE 2009-2014 şi administrat de Fondul Român de Dezvoltare Socială.

  • The stimulation of public and private entities cooperation by the support of the measures that have in view the improvement of the access to public services, education and formation, the constitution of network of experience exchange and the inclusion of civil society in the decision process
  • The elaboration and the implementation of some coherent measures at the local level that should aim at inequality, discrimination and marginalizing***, initiated in a participating manner by the local public authorities, the educational institutions and civil society, including the members of the Gypsy community in the implementation area
  • The formal setting and the insurance of the functioning of some relevant partnership relations among public institutions, school units and the local community on the topic of social inclusion and of anti-discrimination
  • The development of the professional competences of the specialists involved in the field of social inclusion